Mommy Moments

Clean up in aisle 12!

Ever have those moments with your kids you wish you could do over? I haven’t had many big moments I wish I would have handled differently, it’s usually little things, but today was different.

I set Micah down for a second to look at something at Michael’s today and heard a crash. I looked down to see a blue clay teddy bear piggy bank in a million pieces.

Other than one incident at Aldi involving a flying pomegranate (all round objects were made for throwing, right?) we haven’t broken anything in a store before. I picked up the pieces, grabbed what I needed and went to checkout.

I was not upset with Micah, and I didn’t want him to feel shame or embarrassed by any means. While the cashier was very understanding, I found myself wishing I would have had Micah apologize to the cashier and help clean up the mess. I think it’s really important to hold your kids to realistic, yet high standards. As parents it can be easy to expect too little of our children, dismissing behavior because of their age. Yet, I think it really shows respect and love to our children when we hold them to the same standards that we hold ourselves to.

What are your parenting ‘do over’ moments?

Mommy Minute

Ramblings of my mommy mind, one minute at a time.

-It’s March! Spring is coming, hooray!

-I’ve recently started drinking and making my own kombucha tea. Ever heard of it? It’s tasty, easy to make and full of like a zillion probiotics and other healthy stuff.

Dr. Bronner’s castile soap rocks. Made mainly of oils, it’s super gentle, and it’s organic and fair trade. You can scrub your baby and your house from top to bottom without any harsh petroleum based and toxic chemicals. I’ve seen it at Target, Walgreens and on Amazon.

-Hands down best green smoothie base ever: 1 banana, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1/2 cup greek yogurt, 1 cup almond milk and 4 cups spinach. Blend together as is or add any combination of fruit for a FILLING, nutritious breakfast. Really, it’s good! I added a lemon and some blueberries and it was awesome. Toddler friendly, too! Thank you Iowa Girl Eats!

-1st Corinthians 9 has been on my heart lately. I want to serve like Paul! My husband, my son, everyone I encounter. It encourages me to look for ways I can serve others and not focus on what people can do for me.

-Trader Joes has really good organic carrots. Taste great and cost 88 cents a pound.

-My mother in law lent me her sprouter and I’ve been enjoying growing my own sprouts. They are easy to grow (and fun for kids, too) and make a nice addition to salads and sandwiches. Here’s my first batch of sprouts:


Have a good weekend, everyone!

Friday Favorite- 2/22

Happy Friday, everyone! Whether you’re under blankets, or out in the sun, I hope you’re staying warm this weekend!

Favorite OrganizationAdorned In Grace

While keeping toasty inside this week, I stumbled upon this blog, , and I couldn’t help but share. At their store, Adorned in Grace Bridal and Formalwear, they sell new and used wedding gowns and formal dresses and use 100% of the profits to help fight against human trafficking. 100%! They do this through raising awareness and providing support and safe shelter for victims of human trafficking. Not only will you look great for your special day, but you can make a difference, too! Not only do I want to donate my current cobweb collecting dress, but someday I would love to buy a vow renewal dress from here. Road trip to Oregon, anyone? If you or anyone you know also has a dress collecting dust, consider dropping it off or sending it to: 4949 SW 76th Ave. Portland, OR 97225

Have a great weekend!!




Fall Wreath

With the feeling of Fall in the crisp air these days, I felt inspired to make a wreath to hang on our front door.

My other source of inspiration came from the massive amounts of drywall dust that accumulates on my floors everyday from our kitchen remodel. I’ve felt the need to make it feel extra cozy and nice in our house, despite the chaos. A couple candles and a nice welcoming wreath seem to do just the trick.

What I like best about this project is it’s very simple and can be made easily for under $10. At our local Michael’s I picked up an 8 inch grapevine wreath, a string of leaf garland and a wooden letter “s.”

First I painted my “s” with some red acrylic paint and set it aside to dry. While it was drying, I wrapped the leaf garland around the the wreath twice and pinned it in place with a couple greening pins. When the paint was dry, I fastened the “s” to the wreath and hung it on the door!

Fair Trade Dress

I came across this dress in Madison this weekend while visiting the local farmers market. It’s a cute, flattering style that is produced by a designer called Mata Traders. They believe that buying fair trade shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion. Made in India and Nepal, all the fabric used is fair trade cotton from local farmers and is hand printed with eco-friendly vegetable dyes. Being a mother now myself, it breaks my heart to think about all the children in unsafe, unsanitary and unfair working conditions trying to earn money for their family. It feels great to pay a little extra and to be confident that the producers of the clothing were paid a fair and liveable wage. Check out their site for more adorable styles!

Fresh Fruit Soft Serve

We’ve been beating the heat over here with this soft serve that is so smooth, creamy and refreshing that you wouldn’t believe it is also extremely healthy! It’s an all natural dessert- with no extra sugar or preservatives, and completely free of dairy, gluten and soy. It’s “ice cream” you (and your kids) can even enjoy for breakfast! My son believes that this stuff is the best food ever invented.

To make this delicious desert, start with a few ripe bananas. The riper the better, as bananas get sweeter over time. Continue reading “Fresh Fruit Soft Serve”

On The Go Breakfast Sandwiches

For years I’ve watched my non-morning person of a husband scramble around the house trying to get ready for work and then at the last minute grab 2 chewy granola bars and call it “breakfast.” That is, until, I filled a little container in the fridge with these scrumptious breakfast sandwiches. Now every morning he grabs a sandwich, throws it in the microwave for a minute and runs out the door.

Yep, it’s a fast, healthy breakfast that doesn’t break the bank in the least.The best part is you can make them ahead and save yourself time and dishes (and not to mention oodles of preservatives from fast food restaurants or pre-packaged ones in the store.)