It’s 3:32 pm. A beautiful crisp, but-not-too-crisp Fall afternoon in Wisconsin. It’s Friday. We’ve just finished homeschool for the week and the kids are playing nicely (without fighting or crying!) in the backyard. The moment is just too perfect. I almost instantly began warming water and filling my teapot with my favorite tumeric ginger tea. I even get a little fancy and snap a photo and post it to Instagram.

A few hours later I was still thinking about my tea break that I gave myself. To be honest, I was so proud of myself. It’s sometimes so hard to ignore the messes, the undone chores, the to-do list that has many things left to do. At least it is for me. My sink was overflowing with dishes, the floor was unswept and definitely not scrubbed, and if we’re really being real, I hadn’t done a load of laundry since Monday. Piles of books and activities from school lined the counters, and yet I stopped and did something totally and completely for myself and just embraced this season of being a mama to two incredible little boys.

You’re Great

Last night at the dinner table my son said something that stopped me in my tracks.

He said, ”I not great, Mama.”

Now I know I might have taken his words out of context. This same 2 year old has also declared on more than one occasion, ”I not a boy, I girl!”

Whether he really meant what he said isn’t the point. The point is the pain I felt in my heart after hearing him say those words. I think he is the greatest little boy on the planet. I could go on for days about all the ways I love him and am proud of him. In fact I tell him daily that I think he is really great. It is one of my greatest prayers that he would know deeply how great, how wonderful and how perfect he is.

And then it hit me. The heartbreak and saddness I feel when my son thinks something negative and untrue about himself is the same way God feels when I believe something that isn’t true about myself. God longs for us to see our true identity, sons and daughters created in God’s image. My son reminded me to listen to God’s opinion about who I am not my own or any one else’s.

It’s my goal to speak truth over myself and everyone around me, for a little bit of truth can breakdown a lot of lies. Truth can really set you free.

Mommy Minute

Happy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend and were able to sneak in some Fall fun! Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, sip your coffee and relax with a few ramblings from my mommy mind!

-First things first, I owe a big apology to all the chiropractors out there! I have always been a little bit of a skeptic of what you do, and maybe even a little bit afraid of getting adjusted. However, after becoming pregnant and experiencing headaches and backaches, I was ready and willing to try anything. I’ve been adjusted 3 times now, and am a total believer in the healing power of chiropractic care! You guys are amazing! {PS if you need an awesome local chiropractor for you or your kids, let me know!}

-I can’t wait for this film to be released in the states. Too many screens, not nearly enough nature, and how it’s affecting our children. Check out the trailer for Project Wild Thing: http://projectwildthing.com/film

-We haven’t completely made up our minds, but we will probably give birth to our newest little munchkin at home. I also want to save my placenta, and have it encapsulated. Does this make me a total hippie? Cannibal? Both? Read my favorite blog on the subject here: http://www.mommypotamus.com/im-no-superhero-encapsulating-my-placenta-for-postpartum-healing/

-My spacey pregnancy brain hit its peak when I almost wore my slippers to  church this week. After going back home, we ended up late, but at least I was wearing a complete outfit.

-Our persistence in teaching our son manners is paying off. He says excuse me to everything. “Excuse me, truck, excuse me.” Or, “Excuse me chair.” Melts my heart every time.

-The FDA is not inspecting food right now. That makes ya feel good, doesn’t it? Look no further for another reason to buy local! http://gizmodo.com/the-fda-isnt-inspecting-food-during-the-government-shu-1441708627

Have a great week!

Overcoming The Lie

I stumbled across this website, Overcome The Lie last week and I couldn’t help but share it. It’s powerful. It’s profound. It’s simply awesome.

The name alone has enough depth to keep me on my knees for weeks in prayer searching my heart and life for lies that the enemy tells me, that over time, I believe as truth. The enemy seeks to destroy. The Lord however, heals, the Lord restores, the Lords sets us free.

The whole purpose of this ministry is to encourage women everywhere to not only know in their heads, but to also believe in their hearts that they are loved. How awesome is that?

Go check it out and remember you are loved!

On The Go Breakfast Sandwiches

For years I’ve watched my non-morning person of a husband scramble around the house trying to get ready for work and then at the last minute grab 2 chewy granola bars and call it “breakfast.” That is, until, I filled a little container in the fridge with these scrumptious breakfast sandwiches. Now every morning he grabs a sandwich, throws it in the microwave for a minute and runs out the door.

Yep, it’s a fast, healthy breakfast that doesn’t break the bank in the least.The best part is you can make them ahead and save yourself time and dishes (and not to mention oodles of preservatives from fast food restaurants or pre-packaged ones in the store.)

Friday Favorites- 6/29

Hey everyone and happy Friday! My blogging hiatus is no more…for today anyway! This week I came across a baking gadget that could change the way I bake forever. If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried everything to make muffin-tin baked goods in a non-messy way, only to find out, there is not a clean way to do it. That is until now. Just fill it up and squeeze your desired amount of batter into each cup.

Favorite Kitchen ToolTovolo Cupcake Pen

Hope your weekend is off to a great start! 

Friday Favorite- 6/15

Happy Friday! We have been having fabulous weather this week here in Wisconsin, and it’s been awesome! Hopefully someday soon I will have a chance to blog more than once a week! But until then, I came across this sweet chair makeover and had to share it this week. It’s bright, fun, and from Ikea- what’s not to love? Find the tutorial here to make your own!

Have a great weekend! 

Father’s Day Card

This is a card that my son and I made for my husband’s birthday a few weeks ago. It’s super simple, and looks great, too! It would make a great Father’s Day card for that special dad or grandpa in your life!

To make this card, start with a piece of card stock and some painters tape. Then, make diagonal stripes across the paper. Add a little paint, and you’re almost done.

After the paint is dry, take the tape off and decorate as you wish!

10K Race

Well, I did it! I ran my first 10k! Last Saturday the conditions could not have been more perfect. It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Milwaukee. As we ran, we enjoyed a beautiful view along Lake Michigan. My friend, Stacy, and I trained together, and stayed together throughout the race. I hope we will run many more races together. 
Stacy and I before the race
Right before the finish

It took about 66 minutes to complete the course, or a 10:39 pace. Not exactly a Boston Marathon qualifying time, but that’s fine with me. Training for this race has been a great journey. It has strengthened friendships, strengthened my own body, kept me focused, and given me a new confidence in my abilities. As you can see below, I have a great little training buddy and fan!

Post race with my little man.

Friday Favorite- 6/8

Happy Friday everyone! This week flew by and now it’s the weekend again! This Friday Favorite is painting brought to a whole new level- with flyswatters!

Favorite Kid’s CraftFlyswatter Prints

With all this beautiful weather we’ve been having, I thought a fun, outdoor craft would be appropriate. I’m excited to do this with my 11 month old! 

Have a great weekend everyone and stay cool!