Friday Favorite- 2/22

Happy Friday, everyone! Whether you’re under blankets, or out in the sun, I hope you’re staying warm this weekend!

Favorite OrganizationAdorned In Grace

While keeping toasty inside this week, I stumbled upon this blog, , and I couldn’t help but share. At their store, Adorned in Grace Bridal and Formalwear, they sell new and used wedding gowns and formal dresses and use 100% of the profits to help fight against human trafficking. 100%! They do this through raising awareness and providing support and safe shelter for victims of human trafficking. Not only will you look great for your special day, but you can make a difference, too! Not only do I want to donate my current cobweb collecting dress, but someday I would love to buy a vow renewal dress from here. Road trip to Oregon, anyone? If you or anyone you know also has a dress collecting dust, consider dropping it off or sending it to: 4949 SW 76th Ave. Portland, OR 97225

Have a great weekend!!




Friday Favorites- 5/18

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a good week! It has been feeling more summer-like over here and it has been awesome. It was even warm enough to get out the kiddie pool!
This week, and probably from now on I will be posting just one favorite find each Friday. I have been finding that I do not have time for much more than that. Maybe I can come up with a fun new name for a new section on the blog. Until then, here’s what I found, and don’t worry, it’s good! 
I like sweet potatoes so much I could eat one everyday (and sometimes I do!)  These burgers are easy to make, healthy and they look delicious! This would be a perfect meat free alternative to serve at a summer barbecue! 
Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend!!!

Friday Favorites 3/30

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Between a busy week and a poor teething baby (and a tired, tired Mommy), TGIF! I’m super excited to have some friends over tonight. It will get this weekend off on the right foot!

Here are a few of my favorite finds, enjoy!

Favorite TreatPeep S’mores
Finally a good purpose for those Easter peeps. While I love the outdoors, I have a special place in my heart for s’mores made in the microwave. I don’t know why, but they sure are good!

Favorite CraftTwine Pears 
Easy home accent made with a light bulb and some twine. Genius. 

Favorite DIYWashi Tape Keyboard Makeover
Jazz up your computer with a little washi tape!

Favorite Eggs Flower Printed Easter Eggs

Turns out Kate Middelton isn’t the only one bringing pantyhose back in style. You can use a pair to make these earthy Easter eggs!

Favorite Mason Jar AccessoryCozy
I have a slight obsession for mason jars. I like them so much, we use them as drinking glasses in our house. This goes perfectly with the cuppow from last week’s Friday Favorites!

Favorite light- Moonlight Solar Lanters
I can already picture these in my backyard! They will create a wonderful atmosphere as they hang over the deck. First we just need to build a deck 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday Favorites- 3/23

Ah, Friday is here! I really wanted get a few more posts up this week, but it’s been a go-non-stop kind of week over here, and it just didn’t happen. Next week will be better! Anyway, here’s a few of my favorite finds!

Favorite Tumbler- Cuppow
Turn your canning jar into a sweet traveling cup with the Cuppow!

Favorite Ikea HackExpedit Bookshelf To Wardrobe
Turn your bookshelf into a closet organizer. This is perfect for the huge pile of clothes that always ends up unorganized on the shelf in my closet.

Favorite Cookie Turtle Icebox Cookies
Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t handle the cuteness of these cookies. I was trying to find the recipe for some turtle cookies when I stumbled upon these a couple weeks ago. I was looking for the kind of turtle cookie with chocolate, caramel and pecans, but came across these irresistible little cuties instead.

Favorite Yard Accessory– Hose Clothes
It’s clothes for your hose! Maybe this will help me get excited to work outside in the yard?

Favorite ChairStokke Highchair
For little people to big people alike, this chair is awesome. Don’t let the $330 price tag get you down- enter to win one here until 3/27.  Don’t enter too many times though, I want to win one for myself! 😉

Well that’s it! I’m off to spend the day with my baby boy who is 9 months old today!

Friday Favorites-3/9

It´s that time of the week again…Friday! It´s been a wonderfully refreshing week in Wisconsin as the spring-like temperatures came our way…at least for a little while! Now it´s time for a fun weekend filled  with friends, family and hopefully a few house projects (but we say that every weekend!) Here are some of my favorite finds from the week.

Favorite Mug- Dunk mug
This adorable little mug even has a spot for cookies!

Favorite Outfit – Skinny jeans, boots and layered jacket
Say so long to winter in style! I already have the jeans and the boots, I just need to find the top! 

Favorite Appitizer-
Pepperoni Pizza Bites
Everything looks good when it´s bite size!
Favorite Shoe- Courdory Toms
I really want a pair of Toms. These would be perfect for Spring!

Favorite Dessert: Boston Creme Pie Cupcakes
Vanilla cream filled cupcakes cover with chocolate-ganache glaze!

How ingenious! I could see using this for things other than sugar, too.

Favorite Office Accessory: CableDrop Cable Management System
Never go digging behind your desk for a cord again!

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites- March 2

It’s Friday! This week was kind of a blur. You know those weeks were you aren´t always sure what day it is? That was my week. My husband had a fair amount of oral surgery done on his teeth and spent the majority of the week in the basement eating milkshakes and watching 24while he recovered. Thank goodness he is starting to feel better. After taking care of him and my son all I want to do is relax in a bubble bath with a glass of wine….ahh, I can dream. Anyway, here are some of this week´s favorite finds!

Favorite Breakfast- Nutella Crepe Cake
They’re crepes, so you can eat them for breakfast, right? I’ve been on a major nutella kick and this tops the banana with peanut butter and nutella I’ve been treating myself to this week!

Favorite Funny Kint- Crabby Pants
Ha! I want these in my size just so I can say, ¨Leave me alone, I´m wearing my crabby pants!¨

Favorite Kitchen Trick- Keep Your Brown Sugar Soft

Add  a couple of marshmallows to your brown sugar to keep your brown sugar soft and fresh!

Favorite Show- Cake Boss
My husband and I started a free Netflix trial recently. Even though we are not going to keep the membership, we are trying to make the most of it. We have not had any trouble since we discovered the show Cake Boss. Buddy is the king of all cake makers! In fact, as I type, we are watching Buddy and his team construct a cake the exact size of a Nascar car!
Favorite Ikea Hack: Magnetic Car Holder
What do you get when you mount a magnetic knife strip from Ikea in your kid´s room? A way cool way to store your matchbox cars!
Favorite Healthy Lunch: Grilled Tuna Wrap
A couple months ago I replaced all mayonnaise in my diet with avocado, to replace a bad fat with a good fat. I thought I would have to stop eating tuna, because what is tuna without mayo anyways? Well, It turns out mashed up avocado mixed with a little garlic salt is really good, and tastes great with tuna. Add lettuce and tomato and you´ve got my favorite new lunch! 
Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!

Friday Favorites – Feb. 24

Welcome to a new section of my blog: Friday Favorites! Each Friday I will post some of my favorite finds from the week.

Favorite Gadget – LEGO Alarm Clock Radio 
Last weekend my husband and I were looking around at Barnes and Noble and found this neat lego shaped alarm clock. It’s a fun find for all ages! I’m pretty sure my husband would secretly enjoy waking up each day and turning off his lego.

Favorite Treat- Bakerlla’s Chessecake Pops
I’ve had cake and brownie pops, and they are quite delish. Coated in graham crackers and dipped in chocolate, these cheesecakes on a stick they are sure to be a hit! (Note to self: Make these immediately after my dairy intolerant baby is weaned. Also have gigantic slice of pizza.)

Favorite Mealtime Tool- Construction Truck Utensil Set
Making mealtime fun with this forklift, backhoe, and bulldozer. Awesome. 

Favorite Baby Blunder- Baby Mermaid
I found this outfit on a Pinterest board entitled, “For the Future.” I don’t think it was a joke either. If this was your pin, I’m sorry, but please don’t ever make your baby wear this.

Favorite Fashion Find– Floral Romper
Say what? Yes, a romper. When did they come back in style? I don’t know but one of these with a cute little cardigan and some strappy sandals and you’ve got yourself an outfit. At the low low price of $8.96 you won’t even come close to breaking the bank.
Happy Friday Everyone! I’m looking forward to a nice quiet Friday night with my boys! 
What are your weekend plans?