Fall Wreath

With the feeling of Fall in the crisp air these days, I felt inspired to make a wreath to hang on our front door.

My other source of inspiration came from the massive amounts of drywall dust that accumulates on my floors everyday from our kitchen remodel. I’ve felt the need to make it feel extra cozy and nice in our house, despite the chaos. A couple candles and a nice welcoming wreath seem to do just the trick.

What I like best about this project is it’s very simple and can be made easily for under $10. At our local Michael’s I picked up an 8 inch grapevine wreath, a string of leaf garland and a wooden letter “s.”

First I painted my “s” with some red acrylic paint and set it aside to dry. While it was drying, I wrapped the leaf garland around the the wreath twice and pinned it in place with a couple greening pins. When the paint was dry, I fastened the “s” to the wreath and hung it on the door!

The Perfect Stencil

Stenciling can be so much fun. It can also be oh-so-frustrating when the paint bleeds through the stencil. It has happened to me more times than I care to remember. The solution? Freezer paper!
Simply take a piece of freezer paper and cut out your design. You can trace an image onto the freezer paper and cut it out by hand, or you can also print an image directly to the freezer paper and cut it out. I cut out this submarine on my cricut machine. Just place the freezer paper shiny side down and the machine will cut it easily.
Next, iron the outline onto your chosen fabric, again, shiny side down. The wax on the freezer paper will melt, forming a seal around your design. It is best to use fabric that has been washed without fabric softener.
Next, user fabric paint to fill in your stencil. You can put on quite a lot of paint. For this onesie I applied a couple of coats because I wanted the image to be very bright and bold on the onesie. Once you let the paint dry, you can peel the freezer paper off the fabric.
 Easy as that. And… no bleeding paint!                              

Car Onesie

Yesterday while Matt was busy photographing a wedding I had what I like to call a “craft-er-noon” and made this car onesie for Micah.

Well, to be honest, it was more like a “craft-er-day” since I can’t whip anything out in an afternoon anymore. It still took me all day- and that was with Micah getting lots of playtime from Grandma!