Transportation Sensory Bin

For a fun and easy to put together activity for your little ones, check out this truck sensory bin! A combination of coffee beans, mixed dried beans and rice make an excellent base for cars to drive in.


I chose a car theme because my son loves anything with wheels, but the possibilities are endless. Small Tupperware containers and lids, empty applesauce containers, plastic Easter eggs, spoons, small plastic people or animals, a bottle and funnel- just to name a few. Every so often I like to swap out the pieces for something new to keep it exciting.


Day after day he asks to play with his bin. I happily agree because he enjoys it and it helps him relax, but even more than that, he is constantly learning! This sensory activity is a great multi-demensional learning activity. He gets to practice fine motor skills, large motor skills, dramatic play, cause and effect and so much more.


I will say, that inevitability a few pieces do end up on the floor, but it really only takes a minute to sweep up, and my boy has so much fun that I’m happy to do it!

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