Mommy Moments

Clean up in aisle 12!

Ever have those moments with your kids you wish you could do over? I haven’t had many big moments I wish I would have handled differently, it’s usually little things, but today was different.

I set Micah down for a second to look at something at Michael’s today and heard a crash. I looked down to see a blue clay teddy bear piggy bank in a million pieces.

Other than one incident at Aldi involving a flying pomegranate (all round objects were made for throwing, right?) we haven’t broken anything in a store before. I picked up the pieces, grabbed what I needed and went to checkout.

I was not upset with Micah, and I didn’t want him to feel shame or embarrassed by any means. While the cashier was very understanding, I found myself wishing I would have had Micah apologize to the cashier and help clean up the mess. I think it’s really important to hold your kids to realistic, yet high standards. As parents it can be easy to expect too little of our children, dismissing behavior because of their age. Yet, I think it really shows respect and love to our children when we hold them to the same standards that we hold ourselves to.

What are your parenting ‘do over’ moments?

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