Friday Favorites- 4/6

It’s Friday, and it’s a good one (pun intended).
I know there have been a lot of Easter crafts and activities in my Friday Favorites lately, but I’ve been looking forward to Easter more than usual this year. I think it is because it is my son’s first Easter celebration. While it has been great fun picking out fun Easter basket presents, even more than that, it is an honor to be able to show and teach him the great, deep, unconditional love of his Savior. 
Anyway, here are a few cool things I have found on the web this week!
Fresh lemonade that is perfect for summer. 
Favorite Transformation– T-shirt Onesie
Another way to re-purpose cool t-shirts! I made t-shirt bibs for my son out of our favorite old t-shirts. These onesies look great, and don’t look very difficult, either.
Favorite Easter DessertCheesecake Filled Chocolate Eggs
Perfect for an Easter Sunday dessert. These look awesome.
Favorite BitePork Tenderloin Sandwich 
A low fat alternative to traditional pulled pork. Looks delish. My mouth is watering.
Favorite Craft For Kids– Bottlecap Stamps
All you need are a few bottlecaps and foam stickers and you have yourself a fun and super easy craft for kids! 
Favorite Organizers– KVISSLE by Ikea
Ikea’s new line of organizer look sleek and trendy. Perfect for any office.
Favorite Easter EggsSubway Art 
Make these cool Easter eggs with acrylic paint.
Happy Friday and Happy Easter everyone!

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