Friday Favorites- March 2

It’s Friday! This week was kind of a blur. You know those weeks were you aren´t always sure what day it is? That was my week. My husband had a fair amount of oral surgery done on his teeth and spent the majority of the week in the basement eating milkshakes and watching 24while he recovered. Thank goodness he is starting to feel better. After taking care of him and my son all I want to do is relax in a bubble bath with a glass of wine….ahh, I can dream. Anyway, here are some of this week´s favorite finds!

Favorite Breakfast- Nutella Crepe Cake
They’re crepes, so you can eat them for breakfast, right? I’ve been on a major nutella kick and this tops the banana with peanut butter and nutella I’ve been treating myself to this week!

Favorite Funny Kint- Crabby Pants
Ha! I want these in my size just so I can say, ¨Leave me alone, I´m wearing my crabby pants!¨

Favorite Kitchen Trick- Keep Your Brown Sugar Soft

Add  a couple of marshmallows to your brown sugar to keep your brown sugar soft and fresh!

Favorite Show- Cake Boss
My husband and I started a free Netflix trial recently. Even though we are not going to keep the membership, we are trying to make the most of it. We have not had any trouble since we discovered the show Cake Boss. Buddy is the king of all cake makers! In fact, as I type, we are watching Buddy and his team construct a cake the exact size of a Nascar car!
Favorite Ikea Hack: Magnetic Car Holder
What do you get when you mount a magnetic knife strip from Ikea in your kid´s room? A way cool way to store your matchbox cars!
Favorite Healthy Lunch: Grilled Tuna Wrap
A couple months ago I replaced all mayonnaise in my diet with avocado, to replace a bad fat with a good fat. I thought I would have to stop eating tuna, because what is tuna without mayo anyways? Well, It turns out mashed up avocado mixed with a little garlic salt is really good, and tastes great with tuna. Add lettuce and tomato and you´ve got my favorite new lunch! 
Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!

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