DIY Pallet Compost Bin

Thanks to a warm March afternoon, a sleeping baby and motivation to finally complete a few house projects, we have a compost bin. Yay! Now the 5 gallons of compost I´ve been saving has a place to go! This project is very easy to make, and the best part it costs absolutely nothing! 
Look at her, isn´t she a beauty?
We used 3 pallets for this project. Many stores will give them away for free. I snagged a few from the friendly people at Home Depot. We cut off part of the pallet for the back of the composter so that it wouldn´t be too wide. The extra cut off portion came in handy later.

We tried screwing the pallets directly together, but that didn´t provide enough support. In order to strengthen the corners, we added a cross brace on the top and bottom cut from left over pallet.

After attaching the brace, we cut off the extra wood hanging over the edge.

Then, we took a piece of scrap wood to make a front so our compost wouldn´t fall out. We cut the wood so it came halfway up and attached it with screws.

The place we were putting our compost bin was on a bit of a hill. We dug a little trench to help it be level in our yard.

Project complete. Ready for compost!

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