Friday Favorites – Feb. 24

Welcome to a new section of my blog: Friday Favorites! Each Friday I will post some of my favorite finds from the week.

Favorite Gadget – LEGO Alarm Clock Radio 
Last weekend my husband and I were looking around at Barnes and Noble and found this neat lego shaped alarm clock. It’s a fun find for all ages! I’m pretty sure my husband would secretly enjoy waking up each day and turning off his lego.

Favorite Treat- Bakerlla’s Chessecake Pops
I’ve had cake and brownie pops, and they are quite delish. Coated in graham crackers and dipped in chocolate, these cheesecakes on a stick they are sure to be a hit! (Note to self: Make these immediately after my dairy intolerant baby is weaned. Also have gigantic slice of pizza.)

Favorite Mealtime Tool- Construction Truck Utensil Set
Making mealtime fun with this forklift, backhoe, and bulldozer. Awesome. 

Favorite Baby Blunder- Baby Mermaid
I found this outfit on a Pinterest board entitled, “For the Future.” I don’t think it was a joke either. If this was your pin, I’m sorry, but please don’t ever make your baby wear this.

Favorite Fashion Find– Floral Romper
Say what? Yes, a romper. When did they come back in style? I don’t know but one of these with a cute little cardigan and some strappy sandals and you’ve got yourself an outfit. At the low low price of $8.96 you won’t even come close to breaking the bank.
Happy Friday Everyone! I’m looking forward to a nice quiet Friday night with my boys! 
What are your weekend plans?

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